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New Update: Job Auto Import Improvements and Much More!


Succeeding in getting a best job board solution is not always about getting more new features. It also about continues progress and improvement of functionality that is already there. Based on your feedback, we are working, enhancing it, making it right and easier to use- all for you!!!  😉 This update, in particular, is all about that! Wanna learn more? Check these improvements out down below. Job Auto (XML) Import Improvement Many of you know what this is, as you

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New Update: Page Builder Enhancements & Logo Resize

page builder

Howdy, Job boarders? Missed us much? 🙂 I know you haven’t heard from us a while now. But you will definitely forgive us once you see what we’ve got prepared for you. There are some pretty exciting goodies our team has been working on to make you happy! And the first award for the coolest feature goes to… Page Builder Enhancements Do you recall a page builder that we’ve got for the homepage, where you can easily manage blocks and

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New Update: Relevant Search is Here!


Hello friends! The festive season is already here, and I can’t wait to cheer you up and set you in a holiday mood with an exciting gift our team has prepared for you. We understand that job search experience is vital for any job board! That’s why we invested our time and server resources in advancing our search technology, to make your site as user-friendly and successful as it can be. Our latest update includes modification of the search logic:

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Why You Need More Content on Your Job Board than Just Jobs


There’s an enormous amount of competition in the job advertising space. If you want to stand out, you need to provide unique, valuable content that elevates you above your competitors. If you can provide insight, ideas, and inspiration that’s not available on big websites or others in your niche, your website will become a more compelling destination. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Indeed are trying to centralize job postings through their own services, markups, and standards. Due to this centralization,

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New Update: Salary Range Field and Admin Notifications


I’m going to be honest with you guys, I think this update is awesome! And you will see why: this time we have added Salary Range field, and Admin Notifications. Now let me dive into details of every part of this update below. Salary Range Field We know that some of you already have created salary field for your sites, and have been using it for some time now. You don’t have to worry about creating one now and think

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The Secret to Building a Successful Job Board? Smashing Magazine Has the Answers


Building a great job board website can be tough, but it’s a challenge that’s worth taking on. You start by creating an awesome resource for your audience. Then, as you continue delivering the best content, you become a truly trusted and valuable website. When you’re established, it’s a natural extension to add a job board where applicants know they will find work, and recruiters trust you to attract the best talent. That’s a philosophy at the heart of Smashing Magazine,

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New Update: Blog Enhancements


How do you bring more traffic to your site? This question is one of the ongoing ones and heart-wrenching at times. Jobs can be found anywhere, so having jobs on your site doesn’t necessarily mean you will get as much traffic as you wish. As well as having niche jobs doesn’t automatically make your site unique. But what does make you unique? Answer – your deep knowledge of your niche. Try to create a unique site content, that will help

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The Complete Guide to Competitor Analysis for Job Board Websites


The success of your job board website comes down to a few different factors. Finding the right niche for your job board in the first place, establishing that there’s a market for your services, and putting together a beautiful, easy-to-use online presence. The problem is, all of your competitors are doing that too, so how can you stand out? It’s great to differentiate your job board, but you need to have a marketing strategy and a clear plan — and

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New Applicant Tracking Interface is Now Available


Hello, fellow job boarders all over the world! Let me ask you right off the bat, do you want to keep your clients happy? Do you want to turn them into committed and active users? Do you want them to be satisfied with what they get from your site? I’m convinced your answer is yes 🙂 Many of you know that one way to do it is to provide companies with a seamless, but efficient way of managing and tracking

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New update: Category and Company Page Enhancements


Hey guys! We hope we’re not the only ones who feel as if days starting to get away from us. Just to cheer you up and give you a reason to smile, we worked hard to bring some new enhancements to your job board sites. You must be convinced by now that our main goal here is to make your site successful, and make your life easier managing your business. These couple of additions, I’m sure, will be another step

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