About SmartJobBoard

Our goal is to build the best job board platform on the planet!

Founded in 2008, SmartJobBoard is now a complete platform that allows anyone to start and grow a job board business. More than 400 job board owners around the world trust SmartJobBoard to power their websites. You can, too!
Behind SmartJobBoard there is a professional team of like-minded people, whose goal is to build the best job board platform on the planet!

“Right, we don’t look for simple tasks :)”

Just Where In The World Is SmartJobBoard?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers is where the heck the SmartJobBoard team is located. With headquarters in Nevada, USA (registered as Keen Steps Inc.), our team enjoys working remotely from different parts of the world including Central Asia and MA, USA.

So, Let’s Meet the Team!

  • Rodion
    CEO and Founder

  • Milan

  • Andrey
    IT & Engineering

  • Kristina

  • Will
    Customer Care

  • Josh

Our Vision

To become the best job board platform on the planet

Our Mission

To help job boarders create and run their businesses easily and at affordable prices.

Our Values

  • Simplicity
    We believe that a simple user interface is a must have in today’s websites. It saves users time and makes their lives easier.
  • Design
    We love great, clean designs, and our customers love the design of our platform. Great design improves brand awareness and users’ loyalty.
  • Helpfulness
    What we do helps our customers to start and manage their businesses in a highly profitable way. It helps employers find great talent and job seekers find the best jobs. We help people to be independent and live happier lives.
  • Innovation
    Continuing innovation is the only way to stay up-to-date with modern, fast changing technologies. We are continually striving to innovate as individuals, as a company, and as a software platform to provide you with the latest in technological advancements.
  • Transparency
    Transparency improves customer loyalty, as well as communication and trust within our team.