SEO and Marketing

Job category pages

Your job category page URLs, titles and meta descriptions are optimized by default, making your website rank higher.

Custom page URLs and Descriptions

SmartJobBoard offers all the tools you need to push your job board up the ranking at Google, Yahoo and Bing. Set easily your own page URLs and meta descriptions for maximum visibility and appeal to searchers and search engines.

Blogging Platform

Share your knowledge and experience with a wider audience. SmartJobBoard comes with a pre-built blogging platform that you can use to post your articles and news.


SmartJobBoard automatically generates a sitemap.xml file that includes all your listings and pages. Sitemap helps Google and other search engines better index and rank higher your job board.

302 redirects for expired job listings

Instead of opening 404 page for expired jobs the system will make 302 redirect to a search results page with similar jobs. This way your site will not be overwhelmed with 404 pages, and will not be penalized by Google.

Canonical URLs for job posting pages

Canonical URLs will help avoid content duplication for job posting pages. In such case search engines will not penalize your job board.

Mailchimp Integration

Notify your customers of upcoming promotions or new products with the build-in MailChimp email marketing plugin.