New Invisible reCaptcha + Backfill Jobs on Home Page

This new update might not be the biggest one, but surely is one of the most anticipated one by a lot of you guys. They call it small but gold for a reason.

I can already picture you leap out of your seats and start dancing salsa once you hear what it’s about 😀

Without further ado, let me talk in detail about these new features.

Invisible reCaptcha


Those annoying days when bots and spam were attacking your site are over. Worry no more! With this release, your site will be automatically protected by this little guard.

Invisible reCpatcha from Google is the latest hot trend in modern technology and we are keeping up with it for you guys.

You don’t even have to configure anything, users on the site don’t have to click on anything, as invisible reCaptcha analyses site user’s behavior automatically, separating humans from bots.

We already installed it on all forms, and most importantly on Apply redirect page. From now on you can accurately calculate your apply clicks and show your customers real numbers.

Backfill jobs on home page


Imagine a scene: Rainy, lonely day. You staring at your site. Your homepage is big blank nothing. You are just starting out, so there no jobs of your own. No site visitors. You ask yourself: if I was them, would I stay on a job board which had nothing to offer? Nope…

Cut the scene, put these days behind you!

Ta-daam! Now, backfill jobs can be displayed on the homepage as well. Your site users will stay interested, as they will surely find something suitable for them.

Besides, more clicks on jobs from homepage mean an increase in revenue from backfill jobs, which is a pretty good side effect, right? 🙂

To get backfill jobs on your homepage, all you need to do is to enable backfill of your choice from the Settings > Job Backfilling, and configure your backfill details.

After that, you may add Job Backfill widget on your home page using our drag and drop interface in Appearance > Customize Theme. Simply click on the blue + sign when you move your mouse over your existing content to select Backfill Jobs from the list of options.


And configure its settings.



I am sure these two unassuming mods will help your site and your business immensely!

You go and enjoy them, whilst we- the SmartJobBoard team, will get back to work and prepare some new awesome features, which will help you on your way to success!

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