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Why SmartJobBoard

There are tons of different job board software products on the Internet with different prices and feature options. One can ask: "Why should I choose SmartJobBoard for my job service?". Here is a list of basic SmartJobBoard advantages you can consider before purchasing it:

  • 1
  • Open Source Software - SmartJobBoard allows you to easily modify software functions to almost any business model. More and more job board web sites are opening each day. To survive in the fight with your competitors, you need to work out your unique business model to attract users to your site. This does not require much programming experience, so you can save money by not paying php developers.
  • 2
  • Constantly updated features - We understand the importance of offering new features to our customers to correspond modern users' expectations. That is why we constantly track the tendencies in the job classifieds market and add the functionality and technologies that are becoming popular in the Internet.
  • 3
  • Social and Mobile Add-ons - We try to follow the market trends and always offer new social and mobile add-ons. Your users will be attracted by those social and mobile applications and plugins and you in turn will enjoy increasing popularity of your modern job board.
  • 4
  • Search Engine Optimization - To see your site on the top position in a search engine search results list, you need to optimize it. SmartJobBoard includes everything you need for SE optimization, such as: SEO friendly URLs and meta tags. This allows you to easily include relevant information (keywords) to the pages URLs and meta tags.
  • 5
  • Multi-language and multi currency model - In most cases it's not enough to run a local job site. To build a successful online business you need to target a world wide audience. That is why internationalization could be one of the key points in your business strategy. With SmartJobBoard you can have your site in as many languages/translations as you need.
  • 6
  • Various Templates - If you want your site to be unique it's important to have a unique design. That's why we are creating more and more templates for our customers to choose from.

To see all this in action, take a look at our live demo.