Change log

Version 3.4

New Features

  • Form Builder – ability for Admin to easily edit Job and Resume Search forms using visual editor, e.g. change fields order, add new fields to a search form and remove needless ones
  • Polls – Admin can create and manage polls via Admin Panel. It is possible to make separate polls for different user groups and languages and set a period for each poll to be displayed for job board users; (and set activation/deactivation date for each poll)
  • Google Login – users may register and sign in to a job board using their Google account
  • Autocomplete – displays a list of possible words or phrases that a user wants to type in without actually typing it in completely. Admin can enable/disable autocomplete feature for certain fields and set the minimal number of symbols for autocomplete to start after
  • Time zone setting – ability for Admin to set a needed time zone that will be used for a job board
  • Profile Deletion Reason – when users delete their profile they may specify a reason why they decided to delete it
  • Beyond Plugin – allows displaying jobs from web-source in job board search results
  • Compatibility with Lighttpd, Zeus, LiteSpeed – allowing to use SmartJobBoard software on these servers


  • Preview Listing Option – users can preview their job/resume before it will be posted on a job board
  • Jobs by Occupation – jobs with same occupations are displayed in the Jobs by Occupation block on the homepage
  • News Display Mode – additional setting in News menu in Admin Panel to define the way news will be displayed in the News block, i.e. all active news in rotation or a preset number of latest active news
  • SEO for News – ability for Admin to specify keywords and description metatags for each news
  • Permissions Settings Improvement – when a certain option is denied - Admin can choose it will be hidden from users or an option will be visible itself but users will see a message set by Admin when try to use that option
  • View Contact Details Permission – additional option in User Groups and Membership Plans Permissions Settings that is used to allow/deny users viewing contact information on Job/Resume details page
  • Mailing Optimization - ability for Admin to set the number of emails to be sent by system per hour
  • Location Criteria for Mass Mailing – Country, State and City fields were added to the Mass Mailing ‘Recipient Criteria’ form
  • Maintenance Mode Improvement - ability for Admin to enter several IPs separated with comma sign
  • Apply Button for Admin Panel Edit Forms– Apply button is to save changes made by Admin and stay on the same page/form
  • Pseudo CRON – Admin can enable this setting if there is no CRON on a hosting where the SmartJobBoard software is installed
  • Featured Profile Option - an additional option in Membership Plan Settings, if it is enabled then users subscribed to this Plan will become ‘featured’ and their logo will be displayed in the ‘Featured Companies’ block
  • Manage Screening Questionnaires Permission for User Sub-Accounts – additional permission for user sub-accounts allowing creating and managing screening questionnaires
  • Welcome Emails – users will receive a welcome email after registering in a job board, email text and look can be edited in Email Templates in Admin Panel
  • Notify Users on Listings Deactivation/Deletion Option – additional notification setting to inform users on their listing being deleted or deactivated
  • Notify Users on Account Deactivation/Deletion – notification to inform users that their account was deactivated or deleted
  • Application Status Change Notification - job seekers will receive an email notifying them that a certain application they sent was approved or rejected by an employer
  • Sub-Users in Manage Users Menu in the Admin Panel – “(sub-user)” note is displayed near sub-users username on the Manage Users page, also it is possible to see by whom a certain sub-user was created
  • Complex Fields Import – ability for Admin to import complex fields when importing listings to the system
  • Import Users Improvement – import attached files as well when importing users to the system
  • ID in Company Profile URLs – ID was added to company profile URLs in order to exclude errors if in the system there is more than one company with the same name