Change log

Version 3.2

New Features

  • News Module – Admin can create and manage News and News Categories via Admin Panel, edit News content using WYSIWYG, enable/disable News block display on front-end
  • Multipage Posting – option for Admin to divide Job/Resume posting process into several pages, specifying on which pages and in which order fields will be displayed
  • Admin Sub-Accounts – ability for Admin to create as many Sub-Accounts as needed and set different permissions for each of them
  • Recurring Billing Option – Admin can create recurring subscriptions for users, i.e. a user will be automatically charged for renewing subscription once its expiration period is over
  • XML Site Map – collects all links of your site for indexing by search engines to simplify the site search, i.e. a search engine will get all links to index with keywords etc
  • Templates Creation via Admin Panel – ability for Admin to create, move and delete templates via Admin Panel
  • Infill Instructions – an option for Admin to specify instructions for users concerning filling in a certain field when registering or posting a job/resume
  • Listing Reactivation Price – Admin can set a separate price for users when they want to reactivate their listing after it is expired
  • 404 HTTP header for Expired/Deleted Listing Details Page – an additional System setting that Admin can enable to return the 404 Not Found message for listings that have expired, were deactivated or deleted
  • Share This Plug-in – ability for users to share content with others via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. Admin can change the format and style of the widget and enable/disable it for News, job/resume details pages
  • Site Map – Admin can easily edit it via WYSIWYG, basically it is a list of pages of your site accessible to users, organized in hierarchical fashion. This helps visitors to find pages on the site
  • Brief or Detailed Search Results Option – if this option is enabled by Admin, users will be able to switch between brief and detailed search results being displayed


  • OAuth for Twitter Plug-in – TwitterIntegraion Plug-in was modified and improved to support OAuth
  • Right to Left Layout setting – ability for Admin to enable ‘right to left’ layout for a certain language
  • XML Data Source Filter in Manage Listings – additional search criteria that Admin can use to find all listings imported via a particular Data Source
  • Membership Plan Expiration Date Editing – ability for Admin to manually change Membership plan expiration date for a certain user
  • Logo Size Setting Improvement – Admin can specify different sizes for employers logo displayed in Company Profile block and in Featured Companies section
  • XML Feed Custom Script for Users – ability for Admin to specify for users a certain script in PHP, that will be executed for each import iteration
  • Front-End Ad Spaces – special blocks, displayed on My Account, Find Jobs and Search Resumes pages which Admin can fill in with any content editing those blocks via WYSIWYG
  • Alternative Text for Site Logo – additional setting for site logo that allows Admin specifying a text to be used when images display is disabled in browsers or when a mouse cursor is over the logo
  • Recipient Criteria in Mass Mailing – new criteria, such as Membership Plans, User Status and Registration date were added to the Mass Mailing for selecting mailing recipients
  • Email Notifications Templates Improvement – text and structure of all email templates were improved to provide user and admin with more complete information
  • ‘Sort by Alphabet’ setting for List and Multilist field types – additional option for list and multilist types of the fields to get their value displayed in the alphabetical order
  • Front-end Top Menu Depending on a User Group – if a user from Employers user group logs in – he won’t see Find Jobs and Post Resumes menu and accordingly for a user from Job Seekers user group Search Resumes and Post Jobs menu won’t be displayed
  • Separate Email for Applications – In the Application Setting field employers when posting a job can specify an additional email address to receive job seekers applications to
  • Logo in Search by Company Results – employers logo is now displayed in the Search by Company Results
  • SEO Friendly Company Profile URLs – URLs used for employers Company Profile pages were made SEO friendly –
  • Email uniqueness verification – when a user registers or edit profile details the system will perform a check to verify email uniqueness
  • Password Recovery by Email – if a user forgets password, it can be recovered using the email he entered when registered
  • Front-end Layout Improvement – front-end layout was improved to make it more usable
  • 'Templates’ section of the Admin Panel was renamed to ‘Layout and Content’.