Change log

Version 2.4

New Features

  • User Import in admin panel - Allows admin to import users from Excel or csv files
  • Resume Visibility option – Job seekers can choose whether his resume will be visible to all employers or only to selected employers or to all employers except the selected ones
  • Default values for user and listing fields – Admin can set default value for any field of user profile or listing. For listing field it’s possible to set user profile field value as a default value
  • Templates highlight option – Allows admin to set templates highlight mode. In this mode the system will display the site with template highlighted. Admin will be able to edit template directly from the site. This feature should considerably simplify site layout modification process
  • Keyword search settings – user can set different settings when he makes keyword search. For example it’s possible to make search only in titles, or to include Boolean operators to the search query
  • Boolean search – User can make Boolean search by including Boolean operators into the search query
  • Multi currency system – Admin can add unlimited number of currencies to the system and set exchange rates. Currency list will be displayed to user for salary field, and system will automatically convert salary value to the default currency
  • Auto login as any user – Admin can login as any user from “Manage Users” section
  • Notes for saved listings and applications – User can add his personal notes for saved listings for later review. Employers are also able to add personal notes for applications received
  • Users XML import option – In XML data source settings admin can choose to import users from XML feed, instead of using exiting user
  • Default values for XML import – Admin can set default values for listing fields in XML data source. The system will set these values for listing fields instead of XML feed values
  • Custom script for XML import – Admin can insert custom php script for XML data source. E.g. it’s possible to insert the script that will skip current record if there is duplicated record in the database
  • Ability to translate static content – Admin can insert static content in any language. This will allow displaying static content to user in the language he chooses
  • “Site Title” setting – Allows to set site title value without modifying templates


  • Tree type visibility – Tree type fields (such as Opportunities field) now displayed in 2 columns with “Uncheck all” and “Close” buttons
  • “Sort alphabetically” option for tree type – allows to display tree values (e.g. Opportunities) in alphabetic order. This applies also for translated values
  • Pending transactions in dashboard
  • Adding list values from text area field – Useful for adding multiple list values
  • “Manage Users” section optimization – “Manage Users” section works faster now with large number of users
  • WYSIWYG with disabled java script – WYSIWYG is displayed as text area if java script is disabled for user browser
  • Users and listings are sorted by date by default in admin panel – Users in “Manage Users” section and listings in “Manage Listings” section in admin panel are sorted by date (newest on top) by default
  • Ability to select number of records to be displayed on page in “User Management” section
  • Language domain created automatically when adding new listing field

Bugs fixed

  • Save HTML filter bug in admin panel is fixed
  • Bug with uploading flv files is fixed
  • Changing listing activation date when edit listing bug is fixed