Change log

Version 2.2

New Features

  • Job and Resume postings approval by admin
  • Copy/clone jobs
  • Mass mailing system
  • Currency sign settings in the admin panel
  • Application Settings for job postings. Employers have two options to choose from: “Send applications on-line via web site” or “Redirect to this URL”
  • Bread crumbs navigation string for My Account section (configured in the admin panel)
  • Ability for a user to change his current subscription (re-subscription)
  • Current subscription information displayed to a user on the subscription page
  • Ability to change user’s membership plan in the admin panel
  • Ability to change listing’s expiration period in the admin panel
  • Current subscription information of each user is displayed to admin
  • Pay per number of views membership plans. Allows charging users for certain number of views of a particular page (e.g. 10 resume views)
  • Ability to create custom XML feeds in the admin panel. This allows you to export job or resume postings to other sites like Indeed or SimplyHired
  • XML import function. Allows importing jobs or resumes from other sites (e.g. Indeed, SimplyHired or companies sites) which provide their data in XML feed
  • Featured companies block on the main page
  • Tree field type with multi-select option. (E.g. Occupations filed)
  • "Read Terms of Use" check box on registration page (can be turned off in the admin panel)


  • Template system has been improved. Common templates are separated from specific theme templates
  • Template instructions added in the admin panel when creating a new listing fields
  • All templates are made W3C valid
  • Standard popup windows are replaced with dynamic AJAX popup windows
  • Email templates made common for admin and users
  • Admin notification about user deleting his/her profile added
  • Resume and Job search module optimization
  • "Number of views" and "ID" columns have been added to My Resumes and My Jobs sections
  • Undelivered system emails bounce back to admin email
  • Paging for Transactions History section in admin panel

Bugs fixed

  • CAPTCHA errors on registration form are fixed
  • CAPTCHA image reload in IE6 is fixed
  • User Profile deleting upon edit profile is fixed
  • Date display formatting is fixed
  • Modify Search function errors are fixed
  • Notices on user subscription page are removed
  • Account activation link in user email is fixed
  • Categories display on resume details page is fixed
  • Lots of template errors are fixed