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Support Policy

SmartJobBoard provides support via support ticket system and email during regular working hours: Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm (GMT+6 time zone).

Support Period

“Owned license” includes 3 months of standard support.
The support period starts upon the delivery of the Software to the User. During the support period, the User is provided with the support services on the 24-hour response time basis, i.e. responses to the requests or questions sent by the User will be sent as soon as possible within 24 hours since receiving, except Saturday and Sunday.

After the completion of the included 3-months support period the User can buy standard support for $49 per month, or use free support methods (see below).

Standard Support includes:

  • Answering questions regarding Software use;
  • Providing instructions for general Software configuration;
  • Basic guidance for customization;
  • Software Bug fixing, which is provided through build releases;

If Software code was changed by the User then SmartJobBoard does not incur any liability for correctness of the system work. Also in this case, any bugs and issues fixes are not included to the standard support and will be done for an additional fee.

Standard Support does not include:

  • Software customization:
    • Functional modification;
    • New feature development;
    • Template modification;
  • Modifying images provided by the client (changing image size, cropping and etc.). Any image provided by the client will be placed on site as it is.
  • Modifying site design/layout including but not limited to: changing colors, fonts, margins, borders and etc.
  • Backup creation and backup restore;
  • Performing an update/upgrade to new builds and versions;
  • Importing or exporting data (listings and users import/export, zip code data base import);
  • User’s server configuration;
  • Fixing bugs caused by code changes and/or server configuration made by the User;
  • Solving third party software issues;
  • Setting or fixing Plugins or features developed by the User or third party;
  • Teaching HTML, PHP and other technologies, besides provided in the User Manual and other documentation available on our web-site;
  • Configuring User’s web or SMTP server, MySQL, network or another server and hardware.

Standard Support Methods

  • Support Tickets
    Support Tickets service provides the User with the opportunity to submit a detailed support request ticket and monitor its status;
  • Email
    Questions and support requests can be sent via email or using the Contact form on SmartJobBoard web-site;

Users who don't have standard (paid) support are also provided with the following free support methods:

  • Software documentation
    Online User Manual provides detailed descriptions of general system conceptions, admin panel components, setting instructions and Tutorial tips;
  • Knowledgebase
    SmartJobBoard Knowledgebase contains support articles and answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Forum
    Ask your questions on SmartJobBoard community forum.