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Today, offering users access to your job board via a mobile phone is a great benefit, since mobile Internet is getting more and more popular. Moreover, it also allows increasing traffic to your site with visits from mobile devices.

The SmartJobBoard mobile version plug-in allows running a mobile version of your job board on a separate URL (e.g. This site is fully compatible with most mobile browsers such as: iPhone Safari, Internet Explorer, Nokia HTC and Opera Mini. The plug-in includes simplified site functionality allowing users to easily find what they need. Job Seekers can register on the job board, search jobs by keywords and location (including radius search), save job alerts without leaving the Mobile Version. They are able to manage their profile, resumes, saved jobs directly from their accounts.

Please note that the Mobile Version is compatible with SmartJobBoard version 3.2 or higher. If you have a fewer version you'll need to make an upgrade first.

To see mobile version in action, please visit SmartJobBoard mobile demo.

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