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LinkedIn Add-on

  • Please contact us if you have any further questions.

LinkedIn Add-on is a great opportunity for a job board owner to enhance his site by using the power of LinkeIn professional social network. This Add-on gives job seekers and employers such great opportunities as:

  • Register / login to a job board using LinkedIn account – this feature significantly simplifies the registration process, since users are required to enter data only to a few required fields, instead of filling in cumbersome registration form. All other fields will be prefilled from LinkedIn profile automatically.
  • Auto filling, synchronizing resume – job seekers are allowed to auto fill their resumes from their LinkedIn profile. This speeds up resume creation process for job seekers. More over job seekers can synchronize their resume with LinkedIn, in this case their resume will be periodically updated from LinkedIn.
  • Company Insider Widget – is displayed on a job details page in the “Company Info” block. It displays a list of user connections who work in this company, and a link to a company profile page on LinkedIn.
  • User Profile Widget – job seeker brief info and a link to LinkedIn profile is displayed on a resume page.
  • Share jobs/resumes on LinkedIn – a link to a shared job/resume will be displayed in the status of LinkedIn user.
  • LinkedIn People Search Results – displayed with regular resume search results.

To see LinkedIn Add-on in action, please visit SmartJobBoard demo.

Please note that LinkedIn Add-on is compatible with SmartJobBoard version 3.3 or higher. If you have a fewer version you'll need to make an upgrade first.

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