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JobG8 Plugin

  • We are happy to provide assistance with this integration for you here at SmartJobBoard. Please feel free to contact us.

Jobg8 (pronounced job-gate) is a unique network and job application marketplace. Jobg8 offers cutting edge opportunities for niche, regional and generalist boards. Our integration with Jobg8 allows our customers access to all of Jobg8's products and benefit from their advanced services. We are happy to support and assist you with this integration process and we are confident that Jobg8 will provide a unique opportunity for your site.

If you are interested in learning more about Jobg8 and the benefits to your site or if you'd like a demonstration on how it works, please feel free to contact Jobg8 representatives at: or 207-210-6900 ex 11

Please note: Jobg8 plugin integration fee includes only standard integration. Custom setup may incur additional charges.
As a third-party service provider Jobg8 may have additional fees for the integration. Please contact Jobg8 directly for more information.