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Job Wrapping Service

  • Please contact us if you’re interested in using Job Wrapping Service.

SmartJobBoard Job Wrapping Service is a technology that grabs jobs from any job site and posts them to your job board. This service can be used when a job board owner needs to auto post jobs from employer website, recruitment agency job site or any other job board site.

This technology allows automatically backfilling your job board with jobs from different sources. The main benefit is saving your time and money when re-posting jobs from your partner sites.

The service is provided on a subscription basis. Please see the pricing information on this page.

All the necessary software is installed on our server so that no additional hosting resources are required from your side.

The job wrapping process includes the following steps:

  1. Jobs are grabbed from the job sites you choose as a job source.
  2. Grabbed data is provided as an XML feed.
  3. Using SmartJobBoard XML import function grabbed jobs are posted to your job board site.

Job Wrapping Service Scheme

Job Wrapping Configuration options:

  1. Choose unlimited number of job sources to grab jobs from.
  2. Only new jobs are grabbed from job source sites, to eliminate out-of-date listings.
  3. Filter jobs by different parameters to get jobs in your niche.
  4. Automatically change job content to match your requirements.

Please note that SmartJobBoard is not responsible for legality of using content from source job sites on your job board. SmartJobBoard recommends to contact the source site owner  in order to get permission for using data from job site.

SmartJobBoard is not responsible for cases when source site changes data format or bans the wrapping site. SmartJobBoard recommends to arrange safe transfer of data with source site owners.