Job Seeker Features

Job search

Finding the right job or employer is made easier than ever before. Your candidates will never miss an opportunity to apply for their dream job using keyword and location/radius search.

Refine search

If the initial job search returns an overwhelming number of results, job seekers can always refine their search easily. Refining the results allows your job seekers to identify exactly the jobs they need.

Job alerts

If your candidates don’t find a perfect job right away, they can sign up for job alerts. Once you have new jobs that match job seeker’s criteria, system will send an email alert with relevant job offers straight into job seeker’s inbox.

Simple application process

Simple application process is a key to success of any job board. In SmartJobBoard to apply for a job all your job seekers need to do is to attach a resume file and write a small cover letter.

Multiple Resumes

Giving your candidates a chance to create multiple resumes can increase their chances of success. SmartJobBoard lets your job seekers easily build as many resumes online as they need.