Job Board Customization

Page Builder Tool

Unique design, created with your own hands!
This tool gives you a complete, super easy control of the site’s content and layout.  And grants you an absolute freedom in deciding what your site will look like. Just drag and drop widgets around, add or delete them with just a few clicks.

Customize the design of your job board

Your business is unique. So is your website. Upload your logo, choose your colors and modify images to match your brand. No design or coding skills required.

Custom CSS and JS

Are you looking to create a unique look and feel for your job board? Add custom CSS and JavaScript code to make your job board stand out from the competition.

Edit Language

Sometimes to win a new market you will need to translate your website in a different language. With SmartJobBoard’s easy- to – use translation tool, you will be able within a minute to translate any phrase or word in your job board.

Navigation Menu

Do you need to add a link to an external website, or static content pages in your navigation menu? Not a problem at all. SmartJobBoard gives you all the freedom to customize the navigation menu as per your needs.