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Customization Policy

Generally a Customization implies: modification of the Software functional or look and feel, creation of any added functionality, implementation or integration of individual design.

  • Every customization project is quoted individually according to its specifics, complexity, and preferable deadline;
  • If client requirements are complex and require much time for an assessment, we may charge a client for evaluating his requirements and preparing a quote;
  • A project is paid on the 100% prepayment basis;
  • The code provided to the customer within the customization is transferred under the conditions of SmartJobBoard End User License. Meaning that this code is owned solely by SmartJobBoard Company, and the customer is allowed to use it on his site;
  • No refund on customization project is provided, when a project is completed, i.e. developers working time is spent;
  • SmartJobBoard can only give an approximate preliminary time estimate for a customization project. Once the project is delivered it may take some more time to process further feedbacks before we consider it finished;
  • Delivery date very much depends on the clarity of customization request, dificulty of customization, developers' workload and number of customer feedbacks on it;
  • A client has to specify requirements of a customization project particularly and clearly;
  • Functions/modifications that were not obviously specified by a client in original requirements are charged additionally;
  • When a project is done it can be either added to client’s live site or test site/directory;
  • A client is entitled to request minor changes and adjustments during 30 days since project completion and installation. After 30-day period all amendments are charged additionally;
  • SmartJobBoard provides 3 months of free bug fixing services;
  • If system code was changed by a client then SmartJobBoard does not incur any liability for correctness of customization work. In this case, bug fixes are charged extra;
  • If customization project regards design creation, a client has the right to send feedback to draft design 3 times.

Please note that customizations done to the software code will make the upgrading process to the latest versions of SmartJobBoard more complex, and may require additional charges for the upgrade.