Behold: new Drag and drop design tool is finally here!

Smartjobboard Drag and Drop Tool

  Do you sometimes just hate having in mind ideas on how your dream site should look like, but cannot change design yourself? Are you tired of searching for custom CSS code that would help you achieve what you are looking for? Only to realize later that you have to change it again to really meet your needs? Well, we hear you! And it bugged us just as much. The result of this concern is Drag and drop tool.  

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Login with Facebook, Disable email notifications and other features


Hey guys! Did you think we forgot about you? 🙂 Never! Day by day, our team works hard to make sure you have everything to get your job board site more successful. And we really hope that you’ll like the features we prepared for you in this update. Please take a closer look at the main features: Facebook Login Facebook remains to be the most popular social media platform in the world. There are more than 79% of all internet

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New awesome job board theme is available


Hey, SmartJobBoard family members! As the snows fall and the winds blow, we think of you, and try to come up with something that will make you feel warm. Our hard working team tried to prepare you something that you have all been asking for a long time- a new theme. And here it is 🙂 We present you Breeze theme! Its’ sleek modern design will impress anyone who likes their site straightforward and uncomplicated! This theme has nothing more,

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New backfill options: ZipRecruiter and Jobs2Careers


Hi there job boarders all over the world! We hope everyone had a great Christmas. And here at Smartjobboard we worked hard to make this new update before the new year as a small gift to all our clients. Today we’re excited to announce new job backfill options: ZipRecruiter and Jobs2Careers. These integrations will give you more diversity in selecting which backfill provider to use. Plus you can earn more revenue share from these job aggregators compared to Indeed. ZipRecruiter Integration

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Recurring Billing Option And Other Updates

recurring billing

Winter is coming and we hope you’re staying warm! At Smartjobboard we’re always looking for new ways to help you monetize your job board. Today, we’re excited to announce recurring billing option to help you build long-term relationships with your customers. Such giants as Monster and ZipRecruiter have been offering recurring payments for a while. And they appeared to be very convenient because your customers won’t need to purchase a new product every time it runs out. The system will

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TopResume: a new channel to boost job board revenue


Have you ever looked for the new ways to monetize your job board?   Today, we are super excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the TopResume resume service. This means, Smartjobboard customers will have a great opportunity to add an additional revenue channel to their job boards. TopResume is the largest resume service in the world. They invented an exclusive process in which their professional writers take the time to fully examine job seeker’s career experience and existing resume

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Introducing multiple site-admins and sub-menu features


Summer is over and it’s time to put all your efforts into growing your business. Always dream big and you’ll make it. In this new update, we added multiple site-admins and sub-menu features that many of you have been eagerly anticipating, including ourselves. Multiple site-admins As your business grows, you may need to involve more than one person to help you run your job board. With our new multiple site-admins tool you can easily add as many site-admins as you

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New Admin Panel Design, Job Approval & Custom Profile Fields


Last time you heard from us, we wrote about the features and improvements we released in July. Do you remember? July was great. But here we’re very close to the end of August and let’s look at all the changes we made to Smartjobboard since then. This update includes a brand-new admin panel design, custom user profile fields, job approval and a new awesome feature for controlling the products display on pricing page. New Admin Panel Design In an effort

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New Features: Login to Apply, Employer Approval, Stripe and Invoice Payments


One good half of summer days has already passed and we hope you’re enjoying the rest at the fullest, as we do here at Smartjobboard. Even though the biggest part of our team is on vacation, we’re super excited to share with you that new features are on the way. In this new update we added: Login to Apply, Employer Approval,  Stripe and Invoice Payments. Let’s dig into details. Login to Apply We received a lot of requests from our

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Custom XML Feeds and Indeed Backfilling Filtering


Happy 4th of July to everyone who celebrates! We hope you had great holidays and spent great time with family and friends. Today we are pleased to announce custom XML feeds, advanced Indeed Filtering Parameters and other small but yet important improvements we made in Smartjobboard. Custom RSS/XML Feeds Now you can easily customize your XML feeds and get even more traffic by syndicating your job board with job aggregators! You have all the freedom to decide whether you want

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