New Update: Smartjobboard partners with Adzuna


We are happy to announce our integration with Adzuna! We have been working with Adzuna to develop a partnership that now gives job boards an opportunity to promote their jobs free of charge. Adzuna is a search engine for job ads used by over 10 million job seekers every month that aims to list every job, everywhere. This integration will enable job board owners to send US, UK or Canada jobs to Adzuna website and get free traffic. You can

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New Update: Improved job alert forms & Apple Pay support


In our efforts to constantly create more value for our users, we have released a new product update to improve job alert forms, provide more security with the Stripe payment process, and now for the first time, we have enabled Apple Pay. As always,  reach out to us with any questions or recommendations. Improved forms for job alert Users can now enter their email straight on the search result page, instead of opening a popup first. We also added a

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Product Update — Remote jobs & custom filters


Since the team at Smartjobboard is globally distributed, we are familiar with hiring for remote positions and we understand how remote job seekers look for them. This was the genesis for creating some new functionality. We’ve essentially scratched our own itch so that it’s now possible to post remote-based positions, and to search for them as well. We now support Remote Jobs Directly in the job posting form, a job posting can be defined as “remote”. On top of that,

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Custom job board tables + job seeker approval


Hello Everyone! We’re back with a new update and excited to show off the new functionality of custom job board tables and job seeker approval that our team has been busy working on. So, let’s get to it! Custom Job Board Tables Having the ability to explore your job board data in a flexible and efficient manner, whether it be hundreds or even thousands of rows of data, being able to produce a table of customized data is paramount to

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New Update: Carousel Header + Other Enhancements


Hello Everyone! We hope that the first part of your year has been a successful one so far. While you have been busy attracting new customers and opportunities, our team has been busy working on making Smartjobboard even better. Let’s take a look! Carousel Header The carousel header is now available within the search form on the homepage (Appearance > Customize Theme). This new feature will allow you to extend the way you present messaging on your job board. For example, you

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Job Cloning + Employer Account Enhancements


Happy New Year! We here at Smartjobboard are excited to release our latest update that will save you and your customers time, as well as provide functionality to make your job board more attractive to customers. Let’s have a look! Job Cloning Do you have jobs available that are for the same position, but perhaps they have a different job type or location and you don’t want to hassle with having to recreate a whole new job posting? Problem solved!

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Admin Interface Enhancements


Hi everyone! It is always a blessing to have someone who thinks of your needs. And we here at SmartJobBoard always listen to you and your wishes, trying to make your everyday job board life a little easier update by update 🙂 This update does just that! You will definitely like these new enhancements, as they are for you- the job board admin! Let’s dive into the details of each new addition below. Export selected listings or users Now you

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New theme is available! And other enhancements


Hi, job boarders all over the world! We’re gladly informing you that our long anticipated addition – “Shine” theme is available now! The clues are in its’ name 🙂 Indeed, this new theme will help your site shine and stand out above the rest!  Please keep reading to find out what I mean. “Shine” Theme Does compelling website design really matter? Many studies show that a well-built design generates better customer traffic, thanks to keeping users’ interest and displaying site’s

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Hot Update: Resume Parsing is here! And much more.

design01 (1)

Good day, my dear friends! You know what they say: a perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the birds are singing,… and when SmartJobBoard releases its’ new update 😀 Oh yes! These new features will definitely help you beat the heat, because they are so cool (pun intended 🙂 ) Resume Parsing Advantages of having a resume parser are well known. Users on your site will not get frustrated, wasting their time on manually filling in online

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GDPR Updates From Smartjobboard


Hey, job boarders all around the world! By now, you’ve probably heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If not, on 25th May 2018, the most significant piece data protection legislation, since smartphones and internet in your pocket were introduced, will come into force. The GDPR is an attempt to strengthen, harmonize, and modernize data protection law and enhance individual rights and freedoms. The GDPR applies to any organization that uses the personal data of people located in the

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