New Update: Page Builder Enhancements & Logo Resize

Howdy, Job boarders?

Missed us much? 🙂 I know you haven’t heard from us a while now. But you will definitely forgive us once you see what we’ve got prepared for you. There are some pretty exciting goodies our team has been working on to make you happy!

And the first award for the coolest feature goes to…

Page Builder Enhancements

page builder

Do you recall a page builder that we’ve got for the homepage, where you can easily manage blocks and content around? Well, guess what? Now it is available for other pages as well: Pricing and custom content pages.

This new addition will not only ease up DIY designing but will also allow you to:

  • Create different landing pages, for example when you want to have a separate landing page for your Employers and Candidates
  • Add Text, Job Alert form, Job list, and much more to whatever page you like, with just a few clicks.
  • Make your Pricing page more informative, by adding nice content above or below product boxes. Your customers will thank you for extra info :).


Are you ready to release your inner designer and try this out? Then go to Appearance > Customize theme, choose the page you want to work on in the left toolbar and off you go with all guns blazing 🙂

Logo Resize

We totally get that one of the biggest representation of your brand is your logo, and it is very important to make a loud statement about who you are through your site appearance.

It is so easy now to choose the size of your logo via admin panel. Just go to Appearance > Customize Theme > General Settings, and you’ll find a new Logo Size slider there:


I’m sure, you can appreciate this freedom to pick the ideal logo size that will better match your site layout!

Other cool perks coming with this Update

Tracking Job Alerts in Google Analytics:
We have added a new goal (“Job Alert”) that will help you get more insight on your job board performance, by looking at the job alert creation/usage data in detail through your Google Analytics interface.


To create this new goal in your Google analytics account you need to reconnect it in Settings > System Settings > Google Analytics.

Resume on Application form is no longer required:
We have eased up the whole application process and Candidates no longer need to attach a resume while applying. They can be one step closer to getting their dream job 🙂


This is it for now! But you can be sure: we promise to keep up the good work and indulge you with cool features more in future 🙂


See ya!

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