New Update: Relevant Search is Here!

Hello friends!

The festive season is already here, and I can’t wait to cheer you up and set you in a holiday mood with an exciting gift our team has prepared for you.

We understand that job search experience is vital for any job board! That’s why we invested our time and server resources in advancing our search technology, to make your site as user-friendly and successful as it can be.

Our latest update includes modification of the search logic: Search by Relevancy pushes most relevant jobs to the top while leaving unlikely relevant ones to the back of the search results page.

With this new Search by Relevancy, results matched by job title display higher than the rest of search results. E.g. If a candidate searches for “office manager”, he is most likely see  “office manager” jobs at the top, and only then jobs that have “office” or “manager” mentioned in these jobs.


This one single mode will help you:

  • Win new users: candidates feel satisfied when given prompt and relevant results
  • Build dedicated community: people will always be happy to come back for more, as they know you will give them what they are looking for

In order to reassure ourselves of job seeker experience improvement, we ran some tests. That included comparing the performance of sites with Relevant search and sites without it. Here is some data:

  • Apply rate increased by 15%
  • Search speed increased twice

We think job seeker search experience is a keystone of every job board site, and we do care about your users’ satisfaction. Having that in mind we will continue working hard to bring more of these stepping stones for you to build best job boards out there 🙂

Just a note here: in order to maintain improved search performance, we have removed the ability to add custom fields to refine search filters. You still can use refine filters by adding fields that come by default though.

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