Google Analytics For Job Boards: A Beginners Guide

Here at Smartjobboard we’re helping hundreds of job boards to build their businesses every day. And we’ve learned that many people are struggling with using any kind of data analytics in running their websites. Indeed, using analytics tools may look intimidating, it requires experience, knowledge, and skill, which many people might not have. At the same time ignoring the data may become your competitive disadvantage since you may miss some important insights it can give you. So, we have created this guide

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How to Promote Your Job Board Blog Content

Running a successful job board website relies on one important thing — having enough traffic. Encouraging people to your website is critical to creating a jobs marketplace where employers want to advertise and candidates want to apply. If you’re looking into creating useful and engaging content,  most of your traffic will come from marketing and promoting the content you’re creating for your job board blog. That means you need to roll up your sleeves and get involved in the dirty

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Want to Get Your Job Board Website Noticed? Try Content Marketing

If you want to run a successful job board you need to give potential candidates and recruiters a reason to come to your website. The old cliche of “build it and they will come” doesn’t apply in the online world — just because you have a job board doesn’t mean people will use the job board. Fortunately, there’s a way to attract employers and applicants to your website so you can start encouraging them to use your job board. It’s

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Stand Out From Your Job Board Competitors By Being Different

The job board market is extremely competitive. — although it’s dominated by a handful of huge providers like Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder, there are thousands of smaller job boards fighting for market share. Although it appears that it’s very difficult to create a successful job board website, that’s not the case. Succeeding as a job board provider means you need to differentiate yourself — you must provide unique value and content that your competitors don’t. If you can do that,

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How to Successfully Monetize Your Job Board Website

job board monetization

Unlike many other websites such as blogs or informational resources, job boards are designed to make money for their owners. With that in mind, it’s important to establish your job board business model from the beginning, in order to remain focused. As a job board provider, there are two types of customers you serve: job seekers and employers. Here at SmartJobBoard, we’ve helped more than 2,000 site owners launch, grow, and monetize their job boards. This has allowed us to

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How to Create a Niche Job board – Step by Step Guide

how to create job board

“How can I start a job board? What should I do to build my first job site? How do I attract my first paying customers?” These are the questions that I am most often asked, whether on social networks, media forums, through private messages or email and even in person. I totally understand how frustrated and overwhelmed people feel when they are creating their Job Board for the first time. Honestly, if I didn’t know what I do today, I

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Increase Traffic to Your Job Board with Social Media Marketing

social media

If you aren’t using social media marketing to promote your job board, you’re missing out on one of the most effective free marketing tools available. Social media helps you naturally and organically connect with your audience. As well as connect with your readers’ and candidates social network. As you provide valuable content, your followers share it, expanding your reach. This new audience is highly targeted. First, users tend to share only with people they know will find value in the

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Free Stock Photo Websites Every Job Board Owner Should Know

“Hey, we’re designing a new job board template for healthcare or IT industry. Not sure yet. But, can you help to find a nice cover image for it, please?” Oh, No! Where do I suppose to find it? That’s the thought I always have, when our design team asks for a help in finding a free pic for our next job board theme, blog post, presentation or newsletter. Indeed, images you place on your website are extremely important. They shape

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How to promote your job board with Google AdWords

Google AdWords for job boards

If you own or manage a job board, you know the most important thing you need to do is draw quality traffic to your board and attract people who will become loyal customers. But getting your job board website in front of the right people doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes time and careful marketing strategy. And that is where Google AdWords comes in. AdWords is one of the most effective tools to help promote your job board,

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Job Aggregators: How to Syndicate Your Jobs and Increase Traffic

If your job board already has a decent amount of job postings, you might consider using job aggregators (aka job search engines) to distribute your jobs and reach even wider audience. After all, job search engines is a very popular way for searching jobs. If you are lucky being listed in them, there is a good chance to attract a high-quality job seeker’s traffic and offer more value to your customers (employers). In this post, we’re going to explore how

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