New Update: Improved job alert forms & Apple Pay support

In our efforts to constantly create more value for our users, we have released a new product update to improve job alert forms, provide more security with the Stripe payment process, and now for the first time, we have enabled Apple Pay.

As always,  reach out to us with any questions or recommendations.

Improved forms for job alert

Users can now enter their email straight on the search result page, instead of opening a popup first.


We also added a new job alert form on the job page enabling job seekers to search for new opportunities similar to a job that they’re interested in.


So far, we’ve noticed that 50% more users will end up creating a job alert on your job board and eventually coming back to your website to view new jobs. 🎉

SCA Compliance aka even more secure payments

Starting from Sep 14, there are new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations in EU and UK, which require a more strict approach to taking payments from your customers. Including the support of 3D secure.

Smartjobboard has been working with Stripe to comply with these new regulations in order to ensure that our customers will not experience any difficulties in collecting payments.

Apple Pay support is here

A by-product of this change in Stripe integration is that we can offer Apple Pay. You can enable your customers to use Apple Pay on your website, giving you more ways to accept payments.


All for now. More awesome updates are coming soon. So stay tuned!

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