Custom job board tables + job seeker approval


Hello Everyone! We’re back with a new update and excited to show off the new functionality of custom job board tables and job seeker approval that our team has been busy working on. So, let’s get to it! Custom Job Board Tables Having the ability to explore your job board data in a flexible and efficient manner, whether it be hundreds or even thousands of rows of data, being able to produce a table of customized data is paramount to

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New Update: Carousel Header + Other Enhancements


Hello Everyone! We hope that the first part of your year has been a successful one so far. While you have been busy attracting new customers and opportunities, our team has been busy working on making Smartjobboard even better. Let’s take a look! Carousel Header The carousel header is now available within the search form on the homepage (Appearance > Customize Theme). This new feature will allow you to extend the way you present messaging on your job board. For example, you

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Job Cloning + Employer Account Enhancements


Happy New Year! We here at Smartjobboard are excited to release our latest update that will save you and your customers time, as well as provide functionality to make your job board more attractive to customers. Let’s have a look! Job Cloning Do you have jobs available that are for the same position, but perhaps they have a different job type or location and you don’t want to hassle with having to recreate a whole new job posting? Problem solved!

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