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Page Builder Tool

Unique design, created with your own hands!
This tool gives you a complete, super easy control of the site’s content and layout.  And grants you an absolute freedom in deciding what your site will look like. Just drag and drop widgets around, add or delete them with just a few clicks.

Its sleek modern design will impress anyone who likes their site straightforward and uncomplicated! This theme has nothing more, nothing less! Unlike other themes, Breeze has two columns structure.

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Founded in 2008, SmartJobBoard is now a complete platform that allows anyone to start and grow a job board business. More than 2000 job board owners around the world trust SmartJobBoard to power their websites. You can, too!
Behind SmartJobBoard there is a professional team of like-minded people, whose goal is to build the best job board platform on the planet!

“Right, we don’t look for simple tasks :)”

Just Where In The World Is SmartJobBoard?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers is where the heck the SmartJobBoard team is located. With headquarters in Nevada, USA (registered as Keen Steps Inc.), our team enjoys working remotely from different parts of the world including Central Asia and WA, USA.

So, Let’s Meet the Team!

  • Rodion
    CEO and Founder

  • Milan

  • Andrey
    IT & Engineering

  • Kristina

  • William
    Customer Care

Our Vision

To become the best job board platform on the planet

Our Mission

To help job boarders create and run their businesses easily and at affordable prices.

Our Values

  • Simplicity
    We believe that a simple user interface is a must have in today’s websites. It saves users time and makes their lives easier.
  • Design
    We love great, clean designs, and our customers love the design of our platform. Great design improves brand awareness and users’ loyalty.
  • Helpfulness
    What we do helps our customers to start and manage their businesses in a highly profitable way. It helps employers find great talent and job seekers find the best jobs. We help people to be independent and live happier lives.
  • Innovation
    Continuing innovation is the only way to stay up-to-date with modern, fast changing technologies. We are continually striving to innovate as individuals, as a company, and as a software platform to provide you with the latest in technological advancements.
  • Transparency
    Transparency improves customer loyalty, as well as communication and trust within our team.

Disqus plugin

Build a strong dedicated community around your site by allowing your site users to leave comments to your Blog posts. This is possible with the help of Disqus plugin – most popular blog comment hosting service for web sites.

Pricing FAQ

How do I get started with the paid subscription?

First create a free 14 days trial using “Try it free” button.
When you’re ready to subscribe just click “Upgrade” button at the top of your admin dashboard, select the plan you’d like to use, and enter your payment info. You card will be charged once a month thereafter.


Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. You can use an existing domain or subdomain name that you own. We also provide a free subdomain name to all job sites on sign up.


Is there any setup fees or hidden costs?

No. There are no setup fees or any new members specials on any of our plans. We don’t have any other fees involved, other than monthly charges.


Can I cancel my account later?

Yes, if you decide that Smartjobboard isn’t the right fit for you, you can cancel your account at any time. We don’t have any cancellation fees.


Will it work for my country/language and currency?

Absolutely! You can easily translate your site to any language. And select currency (and other location specific options) in system settings.


On what server my site will be hosted?

We’re using Amazon AWS servers to host all job boards. These are very secured servers supported by Amazon and optimized for the best performance of your website.


What happens when I reach active listings limit for my plan?

Don’t worry. We won’t suspend your site in any case.
We’ll send you a friendly reminder to upgrade your plan when this happens. And give you 1 month to decide what to do next before upgrading your plan automatically.


Can I customize my job board?

Sure. We have a handful of features allowing you to customize your sites look and feel quickly and easily. Plus, if you need an integration with any 3rd party platform you can use Smartjobboard API for this.

Need help customizing your job board? Our in-house developers will be glad to help you! Contact us for more information.


GDPR Compliance

SJB welcomes the GDPR as an important step forward to enhance data protection. We provide legally binding guarantees that any data shared with us is afforded the highest level of protection. More info here.

Its clean, simple, yet modern look will make your job board shine! With Shine, we’re taking a new approach to display jobs on the site.

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Association for Psychological Science – a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1988 to advance scientific psychology.

Since 2003, offers the best and relevant jobs offered by world-class companies in the USA and abroad, for U.S. Veteran job seekers.

Diversity recruiters was founded to help employers in the Pacific Northwest find highly qualified and diverse applicants.

The diversity-driven university job site to announce faculty, lecturer, professor, and all professional staff and administrative jobs.

Blocktribe is a job board created for people working in blockchain, DLT, Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3, crypto currency and related distributed technologies.

Jackson Hole, WY news and community website, which also has a job board

Designed for New immigrant job seekers and employers who want to hire and give them an opportunity to grow and establish in vibrant Canada.

Since 1997, the has been the #1 Christian Career Center for Christian men and women on the Internet.

The largest community of data professionals in Germany and surrounding countries.

The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) is the not-for-profit organization responsible for training emergency physicians in Australia and New Zealand.

Jobs in Childcare is a free way for those working in childcare to search a wide range of international jobs with a simple and convenient site.

  • Job Search
    Job seekers can refine their search and easily identify the exact roles they are looking for using the search function. This tool includes category, location, and salary range.

    Simple Application Process
    The platform was built to allow for the simplest job application process. All your job seekers need to do is attach a resume file and write a small cover letter.

    Login with LinkedIn, Facebook or Google
    Simplify the sign-in process for your site visitors by enabling login using their LinkedIn, Facebook or Google accounts.

  • Job Alerts
    Job alerts allow for automated emails to be sent with specific and customized job postings. When new jobs match the set criteria, our system sends an email alert with relevant offers straight to their inbox.

    Save Jobs
    Enables job seekers to save jobs, so that they can refer back to them when they have time to finish an application.

    Resume Parsing
    As an easy auto-fill option to improve results and save time, resume parsing automatically fills in candidates online resume from the files they upload.

  • Job Posting
    Employers can choose to receive applications by email or opt to redirect applicants to a certain URL to complete the application process. The makes the job posting easy and effective.

    Company Profile Page
    Employers can create a branded company profile page that includes their logo, company information, website, images, videos, and all active jobs posted. This can be a useful tool to attract more applicants.

    Employer Dashboard
    The Employer Dashboard provides the necessary tools to manage posted jobs, view applications, site analytics, and manage profile settings in the dashboard.

  • Searching candidates by profiles & resumes
    Our smart keyword search system carefully scans each candidate’s profile and each listing for the right keywords, enabling your employers to always find the best candidates.

    Applicant Tracking
    Our “kanban” style board simplifies the categorization of applications by hiring status. This tool surfaces candidate information, contact applicants, and insert notes for each application.

  • Products
    Products can be created on your job board to charge employers a fee items like job postings and candidate searches. Other services, like featuring a company profile, can be created and turned into revenue producing products as well.Discounts
    Run promotions by offering dollar-based or percentage-based discounts for your customers.

    Accept online payments
    Both job seekers and employers will enjoy a simple and seamless checkout process. SmartJobBoard comes with Stripe and PayPal built-in payment gateways allowing you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

    Customize Listing Fields
    Add or remove fields from resume or job posting forms as you please, with one-click editing capabilities.

    Automatic Job Import
    Import jobs from other websites using an easy XML feed.

    Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics
    Automatic Google Analytics integration allows you to easily track different conversions in your GA account.

  • Setup Recurring Subscriptions
    Set up recurring billing options for your employers. Once they set up recurring payments, your customers will no longer have to log in to their accounts to renew or extend services.Admin Dashboard
    The built-in admin dashboard shows you how your job board is doing at a glance, including sales, job & resume postings, job alerts, and applications sent.

    Manage Employers, Jobs and Resumes
    Super Admin capabilities, provide you with full control over user profiles and listings—easily view, add, edit or delete any user profile or posting.

    Manage Site Content
    Create unlimited static content pages; to explain your terms of service, privacy policy, or pricing and easily link these pages to your website.

    Performance Reports
    Performance reports let you see which employers and jobs attract the most traffic. Share these reports with your employers to show them their performance metrics.

  • Responsive Templates
    Our responsive themes work perfectly on any device and screen size—allowing your customers to post and search for jobs on your job board wherever and whenever they want.

    Page Builder Tool
    Our intuitive and custom page builder grants you absolute freedom in deciding what your site will look like. Drag and drop widgets, add or delete, with just a few clicks.

    Customize the design of your job board
    No design or coding skills required. Upload your logo, customize your company information, choose your colors, and modify your brand images.

    Banners ads placement
    Generate additional revenue through 3rd party ad networks with Google AdSense. Banner ads can be easily uploaded to your job board by copy pasting the line of code, or with a static image.

  • Language translation
    Quickly translate any phrase or word on your job board in minutes.

    Navigation Menu
    Customize the navigation menu per your needs, including: links to external websites or static content pages from your navigation menu.

    Custom CSS and JS
    Create a unique look and feel by adding custom CSS and JavaScript code to make your job board stand out.

  • Job category pages
    To improve your website ranking, your job category page URLs, titles, and meta descriptions are automatically optimized.

    Custom page URLs and Descriptions
    Easily set your own page URLs and meta descriptions for maximum visibility on search engines—like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Blogging Platform
    Post your articles and announcements with our pre-built blogging platform.

  • Compatible with Google job search
    SmartJobBoard integrates with Google job search automatically. No additional steps needed to index your job postings.

    To help with your search engine index and ranking, SmartJobBoard automatically generates a sitemap.xml file, including all your listings and pages.

    Email marketing
    One of the best ways to stay connected to your network is through email. See our Mailchimp integration.

  • Job backfill
    Integrate and display jobs from aggregators such as Indeed, ZipRecruiters and Talroo.

    Advanced job distribution with Appcast
    Send your jobs to Appcast for distribution in their network of job boards. Appcast is using Intelligent, Programmatic Job Ad Distribution to optimize your spendings.

    Mailchimp integration
    Notify your customers of upcoming promotions or new products with the built-in MailChimp email marketing plugin.

    Intercom integration
    Use Intercom as a live chat and advanced communication and user interaction tool on your website.

  • Top Resume Integration
    Partner with Top Resume writing service and receive a commission every time your job seeker’s sign up for their resume re-writing services.

    Disqus plugin
    Build a strong dedicated community around your site by allowing your site users to leave comments on your blog.

    SmartJobBoard API allows your developers to integrate your job board with 3rd party platforms. It gives you access to the main job board data such as jobs, resumes, employers, job seekers, and orders.

    Zapier Integration
    Zapier is an online automation tool that makes it easy to connect a great variety of apps together. It allows to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

  • Cloud Servers
    Our enterprise-grade cloud hosting ensures that your job board site will load quickly and reliably for customers anywhere in the world.

    Continuous Update Releases
    Whenever we add new features or improvements to SmartJobBoard, your job site is automatically updated.

    Auto Backups
    Our scheduled automated backups keep all your data safe.

    Free SSL certification
    Unlike other job board platforms, SmartJobBoard provides an SSL certificate at no cost.

  • Invisible reCaptcha
    Invisible reCaptcha from Google protects your site from bots and spam attacks, by automatically analysing user behavior and separating humans from bots.

    GDPR Compliance
    SmartJobBoard welcomes the GDPR as an important step forward to enhance data protection. We provide legally binding guarantees that any and all data shared with us is afforded the highest level of protection. More info here