Feb 19

SmartJobBoard proudly announces the launch of the new major version 3.0.

We’ve significantly improved user groups and membership plan configuring process. And optimized system core to make job/ resume search much faster. We’ve also added new theme with improved layout.

More details on most significant new functions in v 3.0 are described below:

Refine search

Users can dynamically filter job or resume search results on search results page. This feature significantly improves and simplifies searching experience. Admin can set which fields to use in refine search function.

Search by date period

Allows searching Jobs or Resumes by setting date period from the list.

Permission system

Significant improvement in the system which allows admin to easily configure what user can or cannot do in the system. Permissions are set for user group and for membership plan. It’s also possible to set permissions for guest (not signed in) users.

Wordpress integration plug-in

Allows to display WordPress blog posts on front end site. Also registered users are able to visit, post blogs and comments without need of registration or login to WordPress.

To see a full list of new features and improvements please visit our changelog.

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Dec 02

We’re glad to announce that Portuguese language file is available for SmartJobBoard front end interface. The translation is kindly provided by our Latin America regional partner “JL Recruitment & Consulting LLC”, who represents our company in Latin America countries.

This move makes SmartJobBoard more open to customers and allows Portuguese speaking users easily use it without spending time on translation.

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Oct 19

Next SmartJobBoard release is launched and ready for download. In this new 2.4 version we’ve significantly improved the software and added a few new complex functions. These features will be great advantage for international and niche oriented job sites.

Below I’ll describe the most important functions of the new release.

Resume Visibility option

Job seekers can choose whether his resume will be visible to all employers or only to selected employers or to all employers except the selected ones.
It’s useful in case job seeker doesn’t want his resume to be visible by some companies. E.g. the one where he currently works. Or he might chose to provide access to his resume only for particular list of companies.

Templates Highlight

Admin can turn on templates highlight mode in admin panel (Edit Templates section). When this mode is turned on the system will display the site front end with edit icon near each template displayed. If you hover mouse over that icon, template file name will be displayed. If you click on that icon, template file will be opened for editing.

Boolean Search

User can make Boolean search by including Boolean operators, such as AND, OR and NOT into the search query. This function is useful for advanced users who need to make complex searches.

Multi Currency System

Multi currency system is an great advantage for international job boards, or for job boards in countries with several currencies. Admin can add unlimited number of currencies to the system and set exchange rates. Currency list will be displayed to user for salary field, and system will automatically convert salary value to the default currency.

Notes for saved listings and applications

User can add his personal notes for saved listings for later review. Employers are also able to add personal notes for applications received. This function is useful when there are a lot of applications and saved listings. It should help user to organize his data.

Please see a complete list of new features and improvements in our changelog.

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Sep 22

We’re glad to announce the launch of SmartJobBoard forum – the place where our customers can talk and share their experience.
The forum is split to 3 main categories for user convenience:

  • General – For general questions. Such as customer feedback and forum related suggestions.
  • SmartJobBoard community - For issues related to using and configuring SmartJobBoard software.
  • Job Board Business – For job board business related issues discussion.

Feel free to register and post on our forum at forum.smartjobboard.com

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Sep 07

After a few months of work with designers and HTML coders, we’ve finally finished integrating new design for our web site!
We’ve choose green and grey color scheme, since these colors are nice and not aggressive. The logo we choose includes green leaf, which also makes positive feeling.
Hope everyone will like new design. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave it here.

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Aug 17

SmartJobBoard team announce translation partnership program launch.

SmartJobBoard constantly seeks to translate its software to new languages. To accomplish this we invite native speakers of different languages to participate in our Translation Partnership Program.

Please see details here.

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Jul 28

Rather much time has passed since we released anything new. And this is because we were doing our best to include most innovative and requested features to our system to release version 2.3. There weren’t many improvements and modification in the system core, so this version is quite stable in comparison with previous one. We’ve also added a new template which at our opinion designed more professionally then previous ones, so there will be more choices for look and feel of your site.

Traditionally in this blog I’ll describe most useful and innovative functions that we’ve added. Please also visit our change log to see the full list of new functions.

Private messaging system

Well I guess everyone have already got the main idea based on the head line. This system allows job seeker and employer to send private messages to each others. They will see these messages in My Account section. The main advantage of using this system for communication between site users is that they will not know each other contact details. E.g. for some reason job seekers might not be willing to show his email, phone number or other contact information, but still need to communicate with employer to know some information he’s interested in. Using private messaging system he’ll be able to do that.

Banner Ads Module

Almost any web site owner needs to place banners on his site. After many requests from our customers we’ve finally added banner module which allows administrator to add image or flash banners and display them in different places on the site.

Search by company section

This function allows job seeker to search companies registered on site. It gives better visibility to employer profiles and more ways to search jobs for job seeker. This function also includes alphabetical index which simplifies the search.

Priority listings

Priority listings are displayed above the average search results and market with different color. Site administrator can charge users additional fee for placing priority ads. This gives you more options in monetizing your online service.

Also don’t forget to visit our demo page to view these features in action!

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May 28

This month CleanTechRecruits was upgraded to the new 2.2 version of SmartJobBoard software. New functions and improvements, which were added within the upgrade, made this site more usable and effective for its users.

CleanTechRecruits is a job site for Employers and Job Seekers in CleanTech industry. It’s a great place for finding experienced candidates, entry-level college graduates, and interns who are interested in CleanTech Jobs and Renewable Energy Jobs.

Launched in January 2009 CleanTechRecruits was initially built on SmartJobBoard v 2.0. Since that time it has been successfully attracting many Companies and Candidates in CleanTech industry.

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May 11

Another niche job board site - GISjobs.com has been launched this month on SmartJobBoard engine. GISjobs.com is dedicated to Geographic Information Systems industry. It helps employers to find appropriate GIS professionals and helps candidates to get job in GIS companies.

GISjobs.com requires no fee or registration to view any data on site. Registration is only required to post to the site.

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May 05

¿Hablas español? ¡No hay problema!

We proudly announce that now SmartJobBoard can be used for Spanish speaking users. Spanish language file is now included to the standard package and available for both: owned license and hosted version. You can view the Spanish translation on our demo by choosing “Español” option in the language select box.

More and more languages are going to be added to the SmartJobBoard package in future to make it easier to use for non-English speakers.

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